GunTec AirLite Minimalist AR15 Stock

  A little bit ago I did a review of the GunTec Air Lite handguard. Well, they were also kind enough to send one of their AirLite stocks for review also. This is GunTec's minimalist AR15 stock.

  The first thing you will notice about the AirLite stock is how good it looks. It is basically a buffer tube, with spiral fluted cuts down the tube. Then it has a textured aluminum buttplate attached with a clamp system. Also supplied is a rubber buttpad that slips onto the buttplate, a nice touch if you don't like the textured plate, plus it adds another 1/4" of pull to the stock. The stock in only 9" long when attached, which is a little short for me, and thus gives the rifle about a 12" length of pull total. Guntec does offer another minimalist stock with a 1" longer length. I didn't have any trouble shooting the rifle with the shorter length, and since this is their "Lite" offering, I can only speculate that this is how it is suppose to be. The stock would be really nice on a SBR build if you wanted a fixed stock.

  I was really impressed by how sturdy the AirLite stock is. Once mounted, it doesn't flex at all, and gives a nice sturdy shooting platform. With adjustable stocks, I always seem to feel a little bit of movement under recoil. Being that this is a fixed stock, I don't get that "feel." The buttplate is also adjustable for cant. So once the stock is installed, loosen the clamp bolt and twist the buttplate to the desired location and tighten the screw back down to clamp it in place. I like this feature because you can set the stock to fit your shoulder pocket, not just straight up and down like most stocks.

  Now we can get onto some of the specs. The stock comes complete with a castle nut, an ambidextrous single point sling plate, 3 ounce carbine buffer, and chrome silicone recoil spring. The whole thing is made from 6061 aluminium. It weighs in at 9.3 ounces on my scale, without the spring and buffer. My mil-spec buffer tube and M4 style stock weigh 11.8 ounces on my scale. So your saving 2.5 ounces over a stock M4 by choosing the Guntec AirLite stock.

  As I said in the handguard review, If your looking for some good AR products, go check out GunTec. This Minimalist AirLite stock is a nice usable piece of equipment for your AR15.

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Claim to Fame:

Lightweight Minimalist AR15 stock

Target Market:

AR15 users wanting a lightweight fixed stock

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Minimalist Design

  • Spiral Fluting

  • All 6061 Aluminum

  • Textured Buttplate

  • Additional rubber buttpad

  • Lightweight at 9.3 ounces

  • Includes buffer, spring, sling plate, and castle nut

  • Adjustable cant of end plate

  • Made in U.S.A.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

O.D. Green

What others are saying?:

Bigdude 5/5  stars

I purchased this stock for a lightweight .22lr build. The stock fit great, LOP is good and it looks great.The buffer tube and stock weigh 8.09 ounces by my measure (that does not include the weight of the end plate, castle nut, spring or buffer). This kit comes with buffer tube, stock, slip-on butt pad (use is optional), buffer, spring, castle nut, end plate and hardware. I would definitely purchase this kit again for other lightweight builds.

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Price point:

MSRP = $119.95

Retail = $84.95

I need it now! Availability:

Our Rating:


  • Lightweight

  • Comes complete

  • Adjustable end plate

  • Nice looking


  • No Instructions

  • Short length of pull

Score: 8.0 Great


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