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A lot of shooters have trouble understanding what the point of a blast diffuser is... in an industry where anything that can be bolted to a gun is brought to market, its common to be skeptical of something new.  Most will say "if you want to reduce the muzzle blast, why wouldn't I just remove my muzzle brake, or just use a suppressor?" Don't have a suppressor? Then why have a 51t mount muzzle device at all?

Well my scenario is that while I'm waiting for a suppressor approval from the BATFE, I already installed a 51 tooth muzzle brake from AAC on my bullpup rifle in preparation for the compatible can. AAC offers a few different muzzle devices that are 51t compliant, but I chose the BlackOut Muzzle Brake for the reduction in muzzle rise.

I installed the 51t BlackOut Brake on my IWI Tavor in anticipation for a M4-2000 5.56 suppressor.

The effectiveness of the BlackOut Brake has the side effect of concussive forces jetting out from the sides, both causing increased decibels to bystanders, ands spraying carbon, copper and other particulates on my support arm and the nearby area. Those factors multiply when shooting in a confined space like a hallway or a vehicle.

The BlastOut is angled like a stealth aircraft, which looks good aesthetically but also helps with leverage during installing and removing.

Thats why I was excited when AAC announced their BlastOut device. While the suppressor sits in "NFA jail" it allowed my to try the 51t ratchet system for myself, and get to benefit from the forward projection of muzzle blast and saving the ears of those who shoot next to me at the range. Installation is a breeze, just insert over the 51t device and start tightening until the ratcheting sound stops and the BlastOut bottoms out.

The 51t (or 90t) ratchet system is easy to use.

Just insert and twist a few rotations til it stops.

For those prohibited from owning a suppressor, the BlastOut gives some of the same advantages. First off, the BlastOut throws alot of the report downrange and away from the shooter's ears. It won't make the rifle hearing safe without ear pro, but it takes a little of the bark out. To the friendlies standing on either side of you, it's definitely a measurable improvement. And for those with AR/AK pistols or SBRs, the BlastOut helps tame the increased blast from the shorter barrel and unburned powder.

The BlastOut also gives you an idea of how much clearance is going to be needed before you get to take possession of your suppressor, incase you want a flashlight or other accessory near the muzzle.

Secondly, it doesn't affect the performance of the muzzle device it's installed on. If you're running a flash suppressor, the signature from the muzzle flash will still be minimal. If you're running a muzzle brake, the upward recoil will still be reduced. A lot of folks speculate that since it redirects forces forward, that the rearward recoil will be increased. It's not necessarily false, but in my testing the rearward forces felt and appeared to be identical with and without the BlastOut installed on an AAC BrakeOut muzzle device.

Third and final, it looks pretty damn tactical.

For the price point, I can see why some gun owners would rather spend $150 on something else worth while for their rifle (ammo, training, optics, etc.). But for those who are waiting on their AAC suppressor to be approved, or just enjoy using AAC's muzzle devices, the BlastOut is a great addition to the range bag.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The BlastOut encloses the gas exhaust ports of the muzzle device and shields the shooter and nearby personnel from the concussive effects of lateral and rearward escaping muzzle gasses.

Target Market: AR-15, AK-47 and other rifle owners

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 51T Ratchet or 90T Taper Mount
  • Weighs only 6 oz.
  • 2.5" length
  • 1.50" body outside diameter, 1.57" at the latch
  • Nitride Finish

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black Only

What others are saying?: Couldn't find any 3rd party reviews yet

Heres a Brownells Spotlight video

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: AAC website, MidwayUSABrownells, Roughneck Firearms (cheapest)

Our Rating:


  • Works on all existing AAC 51-tooth mounts regardless of caliber and device type (flash hider, compensator, or brake) or 90-tooth mounts if you get the 90T Blastout
  • Ratchet attachment can be heard and felt
  • Design incorporates flats and finger grooves to assist in grip for securing/removing
  • Directs gasses, lead and other debris forward
  • Something to attach to your gun while you are waiting for your NFA stamp, or while you swapped the can onto another firearm.


  • Expensive (although still cheaper than a Surefire Warden)
  • Lead exposure increases greatly as debris starts to build up inside the tube

Score: 8.5 Great

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For FFL services I choose Promised Land Firearms in Toulon, IL.

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