Bigfoot Gun Belt

The Bigfoot gun belt is designed to be one of the sturdiest belts on the market with a spring steel core for rigidity. The belt comes in a few different variations depending on what you are looking for. I chose to go for the “hardcore” model. The 18oz double leather belt with the stainless spring steel core. I chose it in black to blend in to anything I was wearing regardless of dress or casual. I also chose this one because I tend to carry a couple different pistols ranging from a heavy steel frame 1911 to a Glock 19 to a Smith and Wesson Shield. I felt that this would do the job without the notorious sag you get from a lot of belts on the market. I have been wearing this belt since March and I have to say I am extremely impressed. Working in a non-air conditioned warehouse in Georgia, I sweat though my clothes daily. This means that my belt tends to get wet and stay wet all day. I needed a belt that could withstand the sweat and still hold its shape when I put on a heavier pistol after a day of work. After 8-9 months of daily hard use and abuse, I have yet to have any sag, twisting, stretch, or real noticeable wear.

The belt also comes in brown with options for a 14oz, as well as 14oz with or without the steel core. You have the option of going with the usual steel buckle, or for a couple bucks more, you can choose a flat black buckle. The steel buckle has held up great with no visual marks from wear or rust. All belts are only in 1.5” widths. Something to keep in mind if you are used to 1.75” widths. The buckles are attached using directional snaps. This means that you can change out the buckles later for a different look or if they get damaged. The directional snaps fit snugly and securely without any chance of being unsnapped. You have to firmly lift and re-snap the buttons in a specific way or they won't come undone. The stitching on my belt was and remains superb. With daily use for 8-9 months, I have yet to have any sign of the stitching coming undone.

One of the more interesting and, in my opinion, awesome ordering aides is the way that Bigfoot sizes their belts. They use your pant size. This is actually pretty ingenious and straight forward. With Bigfoot, gone are the days of wrapping para cord around your waist, or finding a tape measure to figure out what size belt you need. You simply select your pant size from the drop down menu and your on your way. With all of these features, This belt might be the last one I ever use.

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Claim to Fame:

Stainless spring steel core to prevent sagging, twisting, and stretching

Target Market:

Anyone looking for a good EDC belt, carry belt, dress belt. I wouldn't recommend it for competition.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

● Spring steel core

● Double layered English bridle leather

● Sizing by pant size, not waist size

● Replaceable buckles

● 1.5” width across all belts for universal fit in any belt loop

● 3 variations depending on use

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

● 2 color options – Brown and Black

● Stainless buckle or matte black buckle

● With or without steel core

● 14oz no core

● 14oz with core

● 18oz with core

What others are saying?:

“In daily use, the belt works great. It’s of obvious high quality and looks the part. Adjustment steps aside (more on that later), it’s a lot more comfortable than I expected it would be. That vertical stiffness really doesn’t affect comfort, and the belt moves with you well enough in the ways that matter.” - The Truth About Guns
“He determined the quality is unquestionable, the core is authentic steel (doesn’t melt at normal combustion temperatures), the stitching is sturdy and reinforced, and the leather is unyielding.” - Concealed Nation

Link to other reviews:

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Price point:

MSRP = $54.88 - $64.88 on Bigfoot's website

Retail = $71.88 on

I need it now! Availability:

Direct from Bigfoot's website – Cheapest I've found – More expensive

Our Rating:


● Steel core adds rigidity not seen in most belts

● Military grade polyester threading

● Double layered English bridle leather

● Buckles can be replaced

● Available with and without steel core


● Steel core can be too rigid out of the box

● I'd like more options on the hardware from Bigfoot

● Shirts can be caught between belt and pants around the back

● I'd like a 1.75” width option

Score: 9.0