Devin Blystone – Gun and Gear Podcast Senior Producer

Devin Blystone is the Senior Producer of the Gun and Gear Review Podcast. He’s had an interest in guns from an early age, from target shooting to hunting to playing paintball. In the past few years his interest has turned into a full blown hobby/obsession. Not having enough money to own every gun, he’s forced to quench his firearm desires by watching videos, reading literature, and listening to podcasts.

After listening to many shows on the FRN for a few months he was chosen to produce one of the new podcasts, and is now spending time editing and posting content, and working to coordinated guests on the show. Other than firearms, some of his hobbies are video games, reading, art, doing outdoors stuff, and building things.

He is currently residing in Pennsylvania, where he enjoys many gun freedoms.

You can contact him at